RET:CON Concept 001


In a future where artificial intelligence governs the remains of the world and time/space is being ravaged by violent ruptures, the RET:CON Agency is created to stop reality from falling into entropy. Agent ‘4 am’ is one part of RET:CON’s elite unit, the Slingshotters, who are tasked to breach the time stream to repair it.

The artistic minds behind 133art, bring a fresh perspective to the RET:CON Universe with the first in a line of companion concept art books. Sligshot (see what we did there) head first into the mesmerizing world of RET:CON Concept 001. Concept Art, Sketches, and Story Beats that offer extended insight into our creative process. This extraordinary collection of art takes readers on a journey through the RET:CON universe past, present, and future!

Cover by: Jason Reeves
Written by: Robert Jeffrey and Jason Reeves
Art by: Jordi Perez, Paris Alleyne, John-Reuben Milton, Gisela Martins, Sara Ferreira, Adam Cook, Jason Reeves

24pgs. Full color 15+

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